Located at 1500 metres high and at the same latitude as Valence (Drôme), La Grave has the privilegiate climate of the PACA region, characterized for its strong sunshine, a pure air and a famous azur sky.

2013’s sunshining : La Grave had 2 487 hours of sunshine in 2013 against a national average of 1 819 hours. La Grave is ranked 1 177 in the most sunny city. As France has 36 552 cities, then La Grave is in the 5% of the most sunny cities in France.

Temperatures : the summer temperatures are pleasant. They are linked to the altitud : you lose 1°C each 160 metres = 9°C less than if you are at 0 metres high. It means that you have a temperature that is fresher than in low altitudes. In summer, the temperature is around 18 and 22°C compare to 25-29°C in cities.

In winter : the temperatures are more and more tempered with a record in 2013 of -13°C only compare to -18°C or -20°C fifteen years ago. Mainly, there is a variable weather in winter.

Many and varied :

  • No mosquitoes
  • No acarid
  • Easy acclimation at 1500 metres high