Frequently Asked Questions

Questions concerning to the booking and payment

Why should you book online ?

If you read this, it means that you found us ! Online, you are sure to have the best price with the best booking conditions. Because we administer directly all the booking websites we have with our prices, our disponibilities and our visibility on others external websites.

That’s why we assure you that if you book online, you will benefit the best prices of the internet.

Looking elsewhere will not offer you better prices and we are the best to help you in your booking

What about the websites Expedia, Booking... ?

These websites are practical, efficient and complementary. They allow you to find hotels thanks to their visibility. They also have an average mark for every hotel.

We work with these websites but carefully so that our prices won’t increase if they become essential.

Only an hotel with such assets like Les Chalets can do that. We know we have regular users and we benefit a strong attractivity inducing a commercial dynamic.

How does the online booking work with the hotel ?

It is really easy : you can do it with clear pages & in a few clics.

You can choose the model of  bedroom according to several photos and a precise description like on The booking conditions are also easily accessible & clear
With a direct booking online, you could benefit a “favour” or  “welcoming present” for stay over 4 nights.
It’ a way  to thank you for choosing us directly online.

The payment is 100% online through your car & secured.

What are the booking conditions ?

Your booking commits us to asign you a bedroom or a suite. On the other hand, the consumption code allows a deposit that constitute your commitment. Then everything depends on our selling and cancellation conditions below.

In our hotel, we appreciate the reciprocity in commitments and the deposit is here to confirm your booking. The amount of the deposit is detailed below.

When does the booking become confirmed ?

A booking is final once the deposit is done and the booking confirmed. An email, fax or letter from us is required.

If you don’t receive any news from us about your booking, contact us as soon as possible !

A booking made by phone that is not followed by a confimation email as detailed above is not valid. In that case, we wil not keep the attribuated room.

What are the cancellation conditions ?

RESERVATION & PAYMENTS : A deposit is required in order to validate your booking that will always be confirmed or automaticaly online or per e-mail (per fax is necesary).
Here are the terms:
CANCELATION TERMS : Also visible below the description of every type of room.
These terms only apply for individual bookings, do not apply for groups that reserve 4 rooms simultaneously.

For bookings during the high season 2018 : Jan 26 to Apr 2 & Jun 16 to aug 31
. Until 2 months before the arrival : deposit will be refund.
. Less than 2 months before the arrival : the deposit is non-refundable.
Special events (Tour de France, Derby, The Marmotte race, Alpes d’Huez, festival) : the deposit is non-refundable at anytime.
. All stay that have started is totaly due. Cancelation at D-3 and “No show” are also due in totality.

For bookings apart from the high season mentioned up here :
. Until 15 days before arrival : deposit is refund.
. Less than 15 days before arrival : the deposit is non-refundable.
. All stay that have started is totaly due. Cancelation at D-3 and “No show” are also due in totality.

All bookings by phone, e-mail or online, include the total acceptation of these terms.

What can we do if we come earlier or if we abbreviate our stay ?

For a shorten stay (that was no scheduled before) we will charge you the indicated price of your booking with the remaining nights.

Why are you so strict with the booking and cancellation conditions ?

This is a familial independant hotel. Every cancellation of last minute or shorten stay wrongs us because we are in a small village. La Grave is a famous destination but where people come only with a previous booking. If we turn down several demands of stay and then you don’t come, it is quite impossible to replace the room you left behind.

That’s why we must have strict rules about cancellation.

However,if you payed by credit card, you usually have a cancellation insurance. If you cancel for a valid reason, you can use it.

How do you proceed for the deposit and what form of payment do you take ?

We give priority to the credit card. It is then easy to confirm your booking right away by mail or automatically online. A cheque won’t allow us to book you a room during the high season if the disponibility is reduced.

You can do a bank transfer with our bank acount details, or a cheque if we agree depending on the period.

Cash : a ‘preauto’ is possible by phone with your credit card if you pay the entire stay by cash. The preauto can become an effective and final payment.

Holiday checks are not accepted.

When do we have to pay our stay ?

The deposit will be deduced from the final bill. You will then have to pay the local tax and what remains on the bill at your arrival.

We do so because you know the amount of the bill from the beginning when you booked your room and 95% of the payments are done by credit card with debit at the end of the month.

Take care to have a sufficient monthly ceiling.

Why do you need the credit card details ?

It is useful for the deposit to guarantee the booking.

Questions concerning an insurance

Insurance for a cancellation ?

It is possible to insure you for ” any risk ” which can happen between your reservation and the beginning of your stay. This insurance can cover you, either for the amount of the deposit, or for the global stay which could be owed in application of our terms.


Which risks are covered ?

Those being of hazards such: disease, death of a close knowledge, a problem during your trip or on the road. Terms detail the risks place setting and the modalitys of application.


How much it costs ?

5 % of the stay or the amount which you wish to cover. If you consider that a risk is possible and compared to the money engaged, you will have the quieter spirit.

With whom and how we do it ?

It is an insurance company specialized in this type of guarantee. It is simple, you click this link : (GB) OR USA)

You mention the amount of your stay which you wish to guarantee and the simulator gives you the price. Then you contract directly without passing by us.


And for the implementation?

In case of implementation you get closer directly to the insurer with whom you will have to prove the circumstance to collect directly the assured amount. Simply.
One number phone in GB/USA (very visible on the homepage), allows to have more precision and especially an interlocutor before subscribing on-line.


Questions concerning to your arrival and the proceedings of your stay

How can we get to the hotel ?

It is easy to find the hotel because it is on a private road in a cul-de-sac. You can park in front of the chalet-reception or in the covered car park, then please come to the reception.

To come to La Grave, you will find several solutions in the access section.

When you enter the resort, big boards will indicate you the road.

When do we have to come and leave ?

You can have your hotel bedroom from 2:30 pm (or 3 pm in high season) until 8 pm. We don’t have any hotel restaurant, so we suggest you to come to that schedule, we could then help you to choose the restaurant that fit you the best.

Apart’hotel : you can come from 4pm to 8 pm.

In every case, you will have to leave at 11 am.

Nota bene : if you come earlier, you can park here and wait.

Where can we park our car ? Especially a big one.

The covered car park is 1.90 metres high but it is okay until 2.04 metres.

The exterior car park on the private road in front of the hotel is fine.

Please tell us if you have any special feature (trailer…), we will find a solution.

What are the climate and temperatures will we have ?

Our hotel is one of the northest of the region. We have around 300 sunny days per year and an azur sky !

For 10 years the winter is less tough and freezing is outstanding above -10°C.

In summer, the weather is pleasant. From July 10 to August 20, there is wind but temperatures are cool. Inside, it does not exceed 23°C. There is no air conditioning !

What about the 65 days without sun ? Well, we need snow to go skiing !

What if the weather is bad during our stay ?

We need snow in winter to go skiing and rain in summer to have green alpine pasture !

You will be fine in our hotel even if the temperature is below -20°C because the chalets are heated up automatically.

Questions concerning to our hotel

Who manage the hotel ?

Our hotel has been created by Philippe TEYRAS in 1999. He manages it with his wife Muriel. It is an independant and familial hotel.

What hotel network do you belong to ?

We do not belong to an hotel network : we are independant.

We are in the ‘Guide Michelin’ and also in the ‘Petit Futé 2014 – Alpes et Best of France’. From february 2014, the hotel has been retained as a member of the club ‘Hôtel de charme et de caractère-sud France’ which gathers 66 independant hotels.

Can we smoke ?

You can not smoke in public places according to the law.

You can not smoke in the bedrooms and suites because the smell of tobacco would fill the whole place.

But you can smoke on the balcony or in terrace because there is an ashtray in every room. Please empty it in the toilets.

Have you adapted bedrooms for friends or families ?

2 friends would choose the Twin bedrooms or the Duplex bedrooms to have a personnal space. If you are 3 or 4 friends, you would choose the suite-apartement with its living-room-fireplace corner that open on a private patio and a kitchen.

For families, you have the choice between double bedrooms or suites for3,4 or 5 (check on the website).

If you have any questions, please call us or send us an email !

Why can't we add a spare bed in the bedrooms ?

We are in chalets or not in an real hotel so we can’t add a spare bed.

But we have bedrooms for 2,3,4 to 5 people. So you just have to book the adapted bedroom. Like that, everyone will have a real comfortable bed and enough space to live.

Do the children until 2 years old have to pay ?

The stay for children under 2 years old is free, when their parents bring their own baby-beds whereas a baby bed costs 9€/day or 25€/week.

As soon as your young age child does not sleep anymore in a baby-bed, you can stay in a duplex-familial bedroom or a suite with 3 beds.

Nota bene : suites are perfect for a stay with a baby and/or a young child.

Does the wifi is available everywhere ? What is its high-speed ?

Yes, our 5 Internet modules cover the set of chalets, each bedroom and suite, the chalet-reception and the terraces. It is a free ‘hotspot’ that shares the connexion with a maximum of high-speed with the only operator of the resort : Orange.

The entering signal is 650 KO per user which is fine to check emails, to go on Skype or any websites but not adapted to download movies.

We are working on a access with a better high-speed that would be paying.

Are you at the norm for disabled person or are you easily accessible for reduced mobility person ?

The answer is yes and no. Our hotel is very special : it is a village in the village and you need to walk to get to your chalet. But we have two bedrooms that are adapted to disabled persons with bathroom and shower-toilets (by reservation only and subject to availabiliy). Six others rooms have an easy access (without any stairs).

We advise you tell us if you have any difficulties to walk or take stairs.

Are animals accepted ?

We do not longer accept animals. On one hand, because it is not compatible with the decoration’s equipments and on the other hand because we do not keep an eye on them in the private rooms.

As sweet as they are, they imply problems and we don’t want them to bother the others clients so we won’t welcome them.

Questions concerning to the swimming-pools

What are the timetable and rules of the swiming-pools ?

The hotel has 2 pools. There is one pool of 4.5*9m for adults and one wading pool for young age children (0,80 metres deep). The beaches are quiet and we make sure that nothing bothers you.

The bathing is authorized from 10 am to 8 pm, then they are closed.

We advise our clients to always take a shower before goingto the pools. The boxers and/or bermuda shorts are prohibited for sanitary issues. Please think to bring your own bath towel and not the one put in your bedroom.

The hotel has around 20 sunbathings for a capacity of 30-35 persons and you can not book them for the day. Please do not phone from the swimming-pool.

Do exterior people can go to the hotel's swmming-pools ?

The place is reserved for the hotel clients only. That is why we don’t have any lifeguard. It is a privileged place where you can relax and have a bath. During the high season, we have a look to be sure that everything is fine.

Are the swimming-pools heated ?

Yes, they are always heated from June 1 to  September 15. Pools are covered during nights.

They are open at 10 am and their temperature is around 25-26°C and can increase if the weather is hot.

In mountains, as soon as the external temperature is below 17°C, it is necessary to close the pools during the day and you will not be able to have a bath in that case.

Questions concerning to the breakfast

What are the timetable and the location of the breakfast ?

The breakfast takes place in the chalet-reception from 7h45 am to 10 am. We can do an exception if there is a special event and do it earlier (Derby, Tour de France…), we will notice you in that case.

If you are leaving really early, you always have a kettle in your bedroom to make your own hot drink. We can also add some remaining food, just ask us.

A continental breakfast can be bring in your bedroom only if you ask so and in summer only.

What is our breakfats's policy ?

In the hotel package, the price of the breakfast is included & inseparable of the bedroom price. It is a privileged moment and one of the asset of the hotel, mainly with its panoramic room or its terrace in summer. It is a buffet with hot drinks served by table that costs 13,00€ in 2017.

People in apart’hotel can add the breakfast to the stay when they book or here when they need one.